The Very Best Pubs of Prague – On a Map

Prague may very well serve the best beer in the world, but finding the perfect pub to enjoy that beer can be challenging. With hundreds of pubs to choose from, you may never find the perfect place to enjoy that mind-blowing half liter. That’s why we’ve gone around to almost every pub in the heart of Old Town Prague (and most more than once) to narrow down the list for you.

On the map below you’ll find the pubs of Old Town Prague with the absolute best beer, most authentic atmosphere, at an astounding value that we could find. There are less than ten of them and we promise you will love everyone of them. And if you want to visit more than one, we’ve even put together a couple of Prague Pub Crawls that will guide through the streets of Prague, with frequent breaks for tasty pilsner. Enjoy!

Na zdravi!

Tankovna Pubs